Fightclub SA Franchising

Fight Club SA offers select franchisees the opportunity to own a Fight Club

Fight Club SA is at the forefront of creating new business ideas with a model that supports entrepreneurship and business success.  Our current growth plan is to have 30 clubs open by 2018 with a view to listing on the JSE. Fight Club was started in 2014. We currently have 7 clubs operational, with a running time of between 6 and 24 months and proven track record of real time data to support.  A team of investment bankers makes up our shareholders, so your investment is in good hands.

Our belief in our brand is so strong that while we offer franchise opportunities, we are also opening 10 of our own, self-funded clubs which will be operational by May 2017.

While there has been an upsurge in terms of boxing fitness gyms since our inception, we believe that building a gym is the easy part; it’s how the club is run that will determine its success or failure. Your success, is our reputation.

A full range of ongoing Head Office support systems including operations, marketing, accounting and administration is provided. The management team visits each site to inspect and assess the clubs. The Fight Club SA development team manages the new franchisee process, from franchisee and site selection to store opening.


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